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(CEEPC/IPM/CMSC 2022 - ThP-07)
Wolffia australiana - a new perspective model for plant proteomics?

Tereza Matysková 1 *, Martin Černý 1

  1. Mendel University in Brno


Duckweeds are the fastest-growing angiosperms capable of rapid biomass accumulation under optimal conditions. With the shortest recorded doubling time for Wolffia spp. in less than 30 hours, these plants are perspective for both biotechnology and for analyzing molecular mechanisms underlying plant growth and development. Wolffia is rich in protein content (20 to 30% of the lyophilized mass), but that could represent an issue for proteomics analysis. It has been demonstrated that the composition of tissues with a high protein content is usually dominated by only a few protein families. Here, we analyzed the proteome composition of australiana, employing two complementary strategies for proteome fractionation using off-line C18 peptides fractionation and an online FAIMS-based fractionation technique. We show the benefits of proteome fractionation and present first insights into the proteome composition of this perspective organism.

* Korespondující autor: terka.matys@gmail.com

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