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11. konference České společnosti pro hmotnonstní spektrometrii 12.01. 2023

Jedenáctý ročník konference České společnosti pro hmotnostní spektrometrii proběhne ve dnech 19. 21. 6. 2023 v Brně v prostorách Moravského zemského muzea.

MS Pozice v Zentiva Group a.s. 27.11. 2022

Zentiva Group a.s., Praha

Proteome and Compound Discoverer Users Meeting 03.11. 2022

We are excited to welcome you in person to Bremen, Germany again for the Proteome Discoverer and Compound Discoverer software Users Meeting from 12-13 December, 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to learn more about our software straight from the product management and development teams along with some special guests, a factory tour to see where some of our instruments are built, and a visit to the fantastic Christmas market in Bremen.

Using Chimeric Spectra to Boost Protein Identification Rates 03.11. 2022

This webinar focuses on the tremendous leap forward we’ve made this year with Proteome Discoverer 3.0 software and the CHIMERYS intelligent search algorithm. The webinar will cover how CHIMERYS more fully interprets the proteomics data our Orbitrap instruments generate and also highlights the powerful new opportunities this unlocks with Wide Window Acquisition methods.

2023 Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry 06.10. 2022

Příští IMMS se bude konat v Paříži na Sorbonně od 15. do 17. května 2023

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