ELIXIR CZ Proteomics Workshop 2018 31.08. 2018

Analysing proteomics data involves a multitude of computational steps. October 4-5 ELIXIR CZ and the Czech Society for Mass Spectrometry organize workshop that will introduce the basics of how to design and run these steps within Galaxy, a free and easy-to-use web platform that enables users to connect bioinformatics tools into a workflow. The focus will be on proteomics tools available for Galaxy and development of workflows to combine processing steps.

FTICR MS summer school, Joensuu - Finland 23.06. 2018

The first summer school of The European Network of Fourier-Transform Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance Mass Spectrometry Centers funded by the EU (Grant n° 731077) will be organized from 19th to 23th August 2018 in Joensuu – Finland by Professor Janne Janis at the University of Eastern Finland. This school is in priority directed to the researchers and engineers (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and people working in industrial R&D sectors) who wish to acquire the fundamentals of FT-ICR MS or who are at an early stage of exposure to this kind of instrumentation.

The attendance to the school is free and complimentary accommodation, meals and social program are funded by the EU.

The event flyer of the school, the detailed program and the application form may be found on the project website.

Summer School on Practical Proteomics 18.04. 2018

This year’s Summer School on Practical Proteomics will be held at the Vienna Biocenter from 16th till 20th July.

Program of the 7th conference 28.03. 2018

Program of the 7th Czech MS conference is finished and available here

Abstract submission deadline was shifted to March 26, 2018 ! 21.03. 2018

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